About Browser Game List

Browser Game List is a top list for browser games, we allow players to vote for the games which they play and then display the rankings of the best games that there are online.

For Players

You can vote up to once per day from any website which has listed here (if there is a game you play which hasn't listed, you could ask them to list as well). Some games may even give you a reward for voting so it's worth voting as often as possible.

For Game Owners

Once you have created an account, you can add as many games as you like to one account and then start sending your players to vote. In return, your game will appear in our rankings to receive traffic back from players at other games. The higher up in the list your game is, the more traffic it will receive in return (in addition to this, premium listings will receive more traffic than standard listings in a similar position).

We do not have a monthly reset at Browser Game List as is common at other top lists, these resets only skew results for a couple of days before they return to normal. Instead, our votes are based on a 30 day rolling period. In other words, at any one time the amount of votes displayed in the rankings (which is how the rankings are ordered) is the number of votes made over the past 30 days.

The ranking positions and vote counts are cached for a few minutes, so the figures won't always immediately update when a valid vote has been made.

Benefits Over Other Top Lists

The majority of top lists are poorly managed and the people who are supposed to maintain them tend to ignore contact. In addition to this, incentive voting is quite popular these days and generally accepted but not many lists provide a way for game owners to reward players only when they actually vote. Here are some of the benefits to our top list over others:

  • A clean, easy on the eyes design which doesn't have advertisements absolutely crammed all over the place.
  • The ability for game owners to reward their players for voting using our voting callback.
  • Game owners can also manage multiple games from one single account, no more remembering different usernames and passwords.
  • Browser games only! Too many gaming top lists have a mixture of gaming servers, browser games etc. We focus just on browser gaming.
  • People maintaing the list who care and are here to fix any problems, answer any questions and moderate it.