All API endpoints are located at and return their response via JSON. If there has been a server level issue such as a database connection problem, we will return HTTP status code 503. Other than this HTTP status 200 will be returned with the JSON encoded response in the body.

If there has been some application level error, such as an invalid game ID supplied, the JSON response will consist of one "error" element, for example:

		"error":"Invalid game ID supplied in query string."

Please keep the request counts to the API service limited, e.g. cache results where it is possible and reasonable to do so. We do not impose any limits currently but may do in future if the service is abused.


This endpoint will return information related to the provided game ID, useful for displaying the ranking of your game on your own website. The game ID is the same one found in your game's voting URL.

An example response:

		"name":"Some Game",

The votes_active property represents the votes for the current ranking period (the past 30 days), as used for our rankings.

Note: a NULL position indicates that this game is not currently ranked (for example, when your game has only recently been added).